Thank you to members for the honor of being able to serve as ABHCWW President. 

I am happy to report that the ABHCWW has been able move in a direction that gives more focus on education than we have in the past several years. We have added clinics and participation in community events to our schedule and both have been successful.  Be sure to check out what we are planning for 2015!

Our website is a great way of disseminating information, not just from a special speaker but also from the membership. Many of our members have a great deal of knowledge, on many aspects of herding, that they may be willing to share with our membership. I would like to encourage them to do so.  Please check out our Facebook page and "Like" us.

Our trials have been very successful and we have a great team in place, but we can always use more help.  The ABHCWW AKC events are being held at PackLeader Farm in Gig Harbor, Washington and we appreciate the work facility owners (and club members) Barbara Davenport and Steve Weigley do to make this facility and livestock available to us for our events.  We also appreciate all of the volunteers and committee members who work so hard to make these events happen -- we can't do it without everyone's participation and support.   Please contact me, our trial chair or another club member if you are willing to help with our events.

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or ideas for the club during the coming year, please let me know. Also, I would like to remind you that I can't begin to address an issue affecting the ABHCWW if I don't know it exists. That's what clubs are about --  people working together and helping each other to fulfill a shared goal.

That's all for now!

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